Legal Research: How it Works


I leverage 
super-spatial methodology! Basically, I use IT and tools that almost eliminate traditional office overhead expenses. That, combined with working from a region with extremely low cost of living, means I'm more sustainable and need much less overhead than if I was in San Francisco or New York. That, and I'm not greedy!

The process?

Contact me by e-mail, IM, phone (347 244 0908), video chat or messenger pigeon and briefly explain the service you need. 

The more information you provide upfront, the quicker we can get started!


You may already know the scope, goal, boundaries (like a fixed budget), and deadline. Or we'll figure those out together.

Flat Fee: Once we determine project parameters, we'll estimate the likely time to complete it, and use the base $40 per hour, formulate the project fee. 

Sometimes, research turns up far more complexities and more time than originally conceived: if so, I will communicate that as early as possible, so we can adjust our expectations, or change our parameters.

Hourly Atlernative: We can agree to a time cap, for example, "spend only 4 hours" or "spend only 16 hours" and apply the $40 per hour rate.

This arrangement is ideal for fast-turnaround, brief informal reports on legal issues or circumstances, and I will never add time without your authorization!

Alternately, you can commission a project through, LinkedIn Profinder, or even just as me a question through Scott on

(N.B. A premium is added for Upwork and JustAnswer)

This Web site is provided for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.
No LAWYER-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP is formed by viewing this site. Nor is such a relationship established by a simple e-mail or phone inquiry as to Scott Akin’s availability and willingness to provide services. 

Services listed here DO NOT constitute legal advice NOR the practice of Law.

Limited scope legal representation is available in come matters, including for:
Immigration Petitioners
Veterans Benefits Issues
Residents of the State of California

In order to establish a lawyer-client relationship, there must be EXPLICIT agreement between the parties. Be assured that even when there is no lawyer-client relationship, all communications in seeking such services do remain confidential in accord with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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