Legal Research Outsourcing

Passionately providing legal research and analysis, legal writing, editing, and other support to solos, modest firms, and in-house counsel for at an ultra-low price "as needed."

I’m on call to quickly turnaround projects from simple proofing and editing to research and drafting complete projects. 

As a 10-year veteran Staff Editor at The New York Times Co. and longtime news reporter and editor before that, research, writing, editing and proofing on deadline are my métier.
Legal Research, Legal Writing, Legal Editing 
& other services for Lawyers

Legal Research and Legal Writing


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■  Informal, fast-turnaround legal issue reports on relevant issues tailored to specific cases

 Formal legal issue memorandums.

■  Trial pleadings, pre-trial and post-trial motions with supporting points & authorities memos, jury instructions, etc.
■  Surveys of statutory & case law.
 Due diligence and procedure reports for business with respect to licensing, regulations, liability and others.
 Regulatory and Policy research and whitepapers for nonprofits and business.

I do not exceed the proposed fee without prior consultation.

One distinct advantage to outsourcing legal research is obvious in terms of efficiency with respect to time and money. 

As your “on-call” research associate, I will conduct the research within any set parameters. 

But there’s an added benefit to having research outsourced in that it can bring opportunity for a different perspective that may present facets to your matter that had not yet been considered in the same light.


Business Due Diligence research and reporting 

Witness Interviews: experience interviewing thousands across demographics from the homelss to the C-suite.

Testimony Abstracts

Discovery Services: Interrogatory preparation, Deposition preparation, e-discovery including ESI and social media


Legal Documents

Web & Client Content

Professional Articles

Of course, every attorney is an editor. And like every other professional editor, we understand the need for a second, and often third, pair of eyes to check content before approving it for publication. For court filings, think of it as publication to the bench.

At The Times, content passes through at least three levels of editing. But, as a solo myself, I understand time and staff constraints along with the need for dependability. And it simply doesn’t make sense in terms of ROI to hire permanent assistance unless fully employed.

So delegate that task to someone qualified at ultra-low cost: I offer simple flat fees for editorial services, and negotiable periodic billing, so you’re not flooded by minuscule per-piece invoices.

Just place the docs in a shared cloud storage folder, like DropBox or Google Drive, send me the link and any relevant notes on the job, such as level of editing, deadline, etc..

I'll respond with acknowledgement, including a proposed fee.

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Calif. Bar No. 276281

Admitted to:

CA State Courts
U.S. District Court (CAND)
U.S. Court of Appeals:
9th Circuit
11th Circuit

Veterans Administration Accreditation

National LGBT Bar

Medicaid Planning Network

Legal Writing Institute

Electronic Data Extraction Network

This Web site is provided for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.
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