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Bar No. 276281

Admitted to:

CA State Courts

U.S. District Court

California, ND

U.S. Court

of Appeals:

9th Circuit

11th Circuit

Veterans Administration Accreditation



National LGBT Bar

Medicaid Planning Network

Legal Writing Institute

Electronic Data Extraction Network


Former editor with
The New York Times Co.
and seasoned journalism professional leveraging exceptional experience in reporting, interviewing, analysis and editing with legal skills. 

Research, analysis and communications skills combine effectively with qualifications at law. 

Scott was sworn to the State Bar of California in June 2011, as Member No. 276281.  He is also admitted to practice in U.S. District Court of California, Northern District; U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and for the Eleventh Circuit; and he is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Medicaid Planning Network.

Scott succeeded on the 3-day California Bar on first sitting in February 2011. He also passed California’s First Year Law Student Exam and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam on first sitting.

Scott earned his Juris Doctor in January 2011 from Concord Law School, now part of Kaplan University, after an exceptional career in journalism culminating with
10 years as a Staff Editor at The New York Times News Service. He worked full time concurrently while successfully completing law school. 

His journalism experience in the U.S. and abroad included general-interest news publications as well as at business, professional and technology news publications. His editorial experience spans community news to The New York Times; local business to Wall Street to international foreign investment and trade; local health care systems to information technology; and the full range of government agencies at all levels: municipal, state and federal. He’s worked as a reporter, assignment editor, news editor, copy editor, page design editor, photo editor, managing editor, writing and editing coach, and research project manager.

Exceptionally broad journalism experience interviewing, fact gathering, researching and analysis covering just about every topic at one time or another are skills that prove directly relevant to law. They provide unique experiential context and perspective when dealing with people, businesses, government agencies, and in distinguishing factual conditions to which the law is applied.

His experience includes living and working in Atlanta, Austin, San Francisco, New York, London, Munich, Kyiv, Sofia, Guam, Panama and Nicaragua.

Scott's language skills include conversational Spanish, traveler's Russian/Ukrainian, and once-upon-a-time, German.

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