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Have Bar Card § Will Travel: 
Forget 'Virtual,' Embrace 'Super-Spatial'

Leveraging technology from ultra-low-cost-of-living areas facilitates providing legal research, legal writing, legal editing and other legal services at ultra-low fee-for-service prices that are unnmatchable.

Yes, I work remotely sometimes -- OK usually.
But I am no more "virtual" than your legal research problems! 

I'm super-spatial! And I travel onsite, if necessary.

Of course I use electronic databases for legal and other research.
I'm accomplished with WestLaw, Lexis, FastCase and other first-tier (expensive!) databases.  But I'm also accomplished and familiar with lesser expensive and free databases like FindLaw, JSTOR, Justia, and others. And I leverage Google's FREE, constantly expanding legal database, Google Scholar, as often as I can to save on costs.

Using information technology and Web tools can practically eliminate costs associated with a physical office.
Gmail and other cloud-based services have come into their own as an acceptable and secure method of correspondance for lawyers. Cloud-based mail servers are generally conceded to be more secure than office-based e-mail servers and networks.
And services like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive by Microsoft are all proven cloud storage and collaboration solutions with first-rate security, making them safer than your mailbox for document exchange.
With Skype, Google Voice, Hangouts, FaceBook IM and the other communications tools, I avoid telecom roaming charges and office-space overhead.

I recognize some people are not fully acclaimated to the super-spatial way of doing things, and prefer "live" communication to e-mail and IM so be assured, if you ever want to speak "live" by telephone or video chat, I make myself available to provide updates and progress reports.

In fact, I'm, probably easier to contact directly than many lawyers working in their downtown offices!

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Limited scope legal representation is available in come matters, including for:
Immigration Petitioners
Veterans Benefits Issues
Residents of the State of California

In order to establish a lawyer-client relationship, there must be EXPLICIT agreement between the parties. Be assured that even when there is no lawyer-client relationship, all communications in seeking such services do remain confidential in accord with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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